Google Glass Banned in Movie Theaters Over Piracy Concerns

September 5, 2015

Google Glass and other similar wearables now officially  banned in U.S Movie Theaters The MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) and the National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO) announced on Wednesday that they have officially banned the use of Google Glass or any other similar tech wearables inside any movie theatre based in United States. […]


Shortcut virus remover; Remove shortcut Virus from your USB Pendrive or Computer

September 5, 2015

Using Command prompt: Open the Command prompt, click on start–> Search–>cmd–>Enter it will open the Command prompt, type in the following command attrib -h -r -s /s /d e:\*.*     or attrib E:\*.* /d /s -h -r -s Replace the drive “E” with the desired/infected drive/pen drive you want to scan, for eg; if […]


Indian Air Force directs personnel not to use Xiaomi smartphones

September 5, 2015

The Indian Air Force(IAF) has issued a circular to its 175,000 personnel to shun the use of Xiaomi smartphones either by them, or their family members on suspicions that the company is using their phones to spy on its users on behalf of the Chinese government. Spying Charges In August this year, F-secure released reports […]


Google’s security key through USB takes 2-factor authentication to a whole new level

September 5, 2015

Google has enhanced its two factor authentication security features by releasing Security key through USB device Google has announced that it will be providing a ‘Security Key’  through a USB device to those users who have enabled the Google two-factor authentication for all your Google accounts including Gmail, Google plus, Youtube, Chrome and others.With the […]


The worlds most popular, deadliest and scariest ‘Zombie’ Botnets

September 5, 2015

Imagine your computer being used to mount a attack on some foreign entity which you are neither concerned with nor know about, Yes, your computers can be used by cyber criminals as botnets by some cyber criminals sitting in some distant Eastern European country and launching massive attacks against a American website. However this can […]


MasterCard credit cards to come with a Fingerprint scanner

September 5, 2015

MasterCard’s Credit Cards to come with Fingerprint Scanner With the number incidents regarding credit card number thefts increasing as the days go by, MasterCard one of the premier Credit Card issuer is all set to make thing that little bit difficult for cyber criminals stealing your credit card numbers.  MasterCard is all set to introduce […]

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Google pays more than $1M fine for street view Violation in Italy

September 5, 2015

Google’s Street View a technology featured in Google Maps and Google Earth that provides panoramic views from positions along many streets in the world have brought up trouble for Google in Italy. Google paid a 1 million euro (£825,890) fine after a regulator found that Google’s street view cars violated citizens rights of privacy, by […]


Take privacy seriously? destroy your data via SMS text on SecureDrives Autothysis SSD

September 5, 2015

SecureDrives Autothysis SSDs can self-destruct via a simple SMS text message Given the rates at which breaches and hacks that are happening and the last year Edward Snowden leaks which explicitly pointed out the government snooping programs on the citizens of the world who are connected in whatsoever way, it is no surprise that everyone […]


Microsoft’s Windows 10 has permission to watch your every move

September 5, 2015

Windows 10 Technical Preview Microsoft launched its Windows 10 on Tuesday and is giving all members of its Windows Insider Programme a free look see at the new Windows 10.  Microsoft is giving the Windows 10 Technical Preview version as a gesture of openness and willingness to collaborate with developers and users and get their […]

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Telegram Messenger Down!!! Hit by large Scale DDoS

September 5, 2015

Telegram the popular cross-platform messenger faced a series of DDoS attacks, twice in a row for two days, causing network issues to users around the globe. On Saturday, Telegram users around the globe reported problems connecting with the App. After many user complaints, it came to the notice of the Telegram network administrator.  Upon investigating it […]


BadUSB the unpatchable malware code published on Github

September 5, 2015

BadUSB : The unpatchable and unfixable USB malware Exactly two months after researcher Karsten Nohl demonstrated an attack he called BadUSB to a standing-room-only crowd at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas.  The BadUSB was later demonstrated again by two researchers, Adam Caudill and Brandon Wilson.  Caudill and Wilson presented the vulnerability at […]


iPhone 6 TouchID hacked by laser printing method

September 5, 2015

Apple’s New iPhone 6 TouchID Hacked If you were believing the Apple’s latest flagship, the iPhone 6 was more secure than its predecessor the iPhone 5, you are, sadly mistaken. The most awaited smartphone from the Apple still carries the flaw that let Marc Rogers hack the TouchID, the fingerprint scan and unlock feature of […]


Freenode the popular IRC network suffers breach

September 5, 2015

One of the most popular IRC networks in the world, Freenode on Saturday, suffered a security breach.  Freenode, which was formerly known as Open Projects Network, is an IRC network used to discuss peer-directed projects.  Their servers are all accessible from the domain name chat.freenode.net and irc.freenode.net.  At present it is the largest free and […]


Phishing continues its Race, McAfee Labs reports

September 5, 2015

All type of Cyber Awareness Programs seem to fail because Phishing continues to be an effective tactic, according to the McAfee Labs Threats Report: August 2014. While Techworm recently reported Phishing Campaign using Nude Models’ Photos, McAfee’s reports clarify the picture more. From your Bank account to your Facebook Account, everything seem to be under […]


Facebook video scam containing a funny video is a Trojan which steals your Facebook information

September 5, 2015

You may have heard about lot of Facebook Scamsters making use of different tragedies around to the world to profit themselves. Here is a report of quite opposite being used by the scammers. A new funny video spreading on Facebook and spreading virally.  It is supposed to amuse the Facebook users and sharers but instead […]


Apple spying on your iMessages? Researchers say it is possible to intercept your iMessage chats on iOS devices

September 5, 2015

If you are using the Apple’s iMessage and think your messages are safe?  Actually Apple may have access to your chat messages. Though Apple claims that claims that chats on iMessage are completely secure because they are  totally encrypted, researchers have claimed that it is possible for your messages to be intercepted. This was brought […]


Namecheap targeted with 100GBPs, massive DDoS attack

September 5, 2015

The popular web hosting and domain name provider, Namecheap is under a massive DDoS attack from unknown attackers.  Starting yesterday morning, 300 domain names hosted by Namecheap have been brought down by the hackers.  Namecheap on its blog accepted that this was perhaps one of the largest  Distributed Denial of Service attacks the world has […]


Moon Worm Infects Thousands Of LinkSys Routers, Spreading from one to Another

September 5, 2015

According to the recent security report a worm named “MOON” is spreading in to various Linksys routers like a wild fire. This worm can infect routers without acquiring or requiring password. Infected machine then uses maximum bandwidth to scan for other routers which are vulnerable and can be preyed upon.  The predatory worm “MOON” uses […]


British Multinational Bank ‘Barclays’ customer data stolen, thousands of files leaked

September 5, 2015

British multinational banking and financial services company ‘Barclays’ seems to be latest victim of the data breach. dailymail on Sunday reported that an anonymous whistleblower had handed it a memory stick with the personal data of 2,000 customers, which he said was a sample from from a stolen database of up to 27,000 files. The leaked files […]


Snowden Downloaded 1 million secret NSA files using a web Crawler tool

September 5, 2015

N.S.A (National Security Agency) is not a new word for today’s netizens. NSA- The agency which is spying all over the world by downloading Million GB data daily via there Spying software has lacked in securing their own secret and confidential files. Edward Snowden the Whistle Blower has more than a 1.7 million Confidential files […]


Biggest ever DDOS attack hits Cloudfare Network

September 5, 2015

Cloudfare have reported that it was hit by Biggest ever DDOS attack of 400 Gbps. The DDOS attack which hit the Spamhaus last year was said to be the largest DDOS attack ever, but not anymore. Yesterday Cloudfare CEO confirmed in a twitter post that there data center in Europe and U.S was hit by distributed denial-of-service […]


Google fined 210 million Won for unauthorised data collection through ‘Street View’ feature in South Korea

September 5, 2015

Google was today Penalised for its ‘Street View’ feature in Google Maps from the South Korean communications regulator Korea Communications Commission under the ‘Ministry of Communications and Information.’ The Korea Communications Commission in a meeting today held that Google had captured data through illegal means for its Street View feature.  It imposed a fine of […]


World Biggest Banking Fraud Exposed

September 5, 2015

A Russian man is accused creating  a deadly computer virus called “SpyEye” has finally pleaded guilty. This virus has infected more than 14 million computers all over the world. SpyEye is specifically used to steal bank account data and the developer of this Malware has pleaded guilty in US court. The name of the Accused […]


New law Allows French Government and Intelligence officials to monitor Internet user in real time

September 5, 2015

A new law passed by the upper house of French parliament, Under Article 13 mentions, Security forces, Intelligence Service officials and Other Government officials can Monitor Internet users in Real Time. which Includes real time Monitoring of any laptop/computer, Mobile phones/tablets connected on Internet, to discover, ‘who is connecting to whom, from where and why’ […]


Microsoft Security Intelligence Report says, Japan Has The Lowest Malware infection in the entire world

September 5, 2015

According To A report From Microsoft Security Intelligence, Japan holds the  lowest Malware Infection rate In the entire world. Microsoft Malicious software removal tool Found japan with least Malware infection of 0.7 systems per 1000 system in japan. as scanned in fourth quarter of 2012. With worldwide Average of about 6.0 during the same period. […]